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Apple TV: IboPlayer
Fire TV Stick / Android boxes: PandaStreams APPs
SmartTV: SET IPTV, Duplex Play App, IboPlayer
Handy (Android): PandaStreams APPs
Handy (iOS): Purple App Player

For Our IPTV contents we recommend 10mbps+ but we prefer having atleast 20mbps so as to avoid lag issues.
A stable internet connection is required. Internet over the mobile network is not stable.

You can use all common devices that can receive IPTV. These include:
Android devices: Mi Box, Fire TV Stick,
Others: SmartTV, laptop / computer, mobile phone. We no longer support MAG devices.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and CreditCard. We Accept Paypal but its 10% Extra.

A VPN service is required so as to avoid our servers getting terminated or reported by internet providers.But Choice is on you either to use it or not all of them are applicable by us.IPTV streaming is very safe, but you still have the option of protecting your Internet connection with an anonymization service. This means that tracing would no longer be possible. Make sure to checkout our Vpn Service.


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