For PandaStream Resellers

Many people have asked me about Reselling or access to Panel where they
can start their own business and resell which will help them earn money..So
we came up with the decision of revealing the price and all info about it

A customer base where you can have a flow of sales

This means That if you are willing to get a panel and resell subscriptions, Manage Accounts etc you will require to have flow of sales in the panel...Some people purchase panel so as they can make subscriptions for personal use or family members..This is strictly prohibited...BUT you can make subs for your friends and family if you are selling and you have a flow of sales every few weeks/months you purchase credits that is allowed unlike just having family subs and letting panel stay idle for months isnt allowed

Reseller should not be involved into any Cracking activity

If you are part of PandaStreams you are not allowed to be involved in any kind of hacking or cracking activities In addition you are also not allowed to be selling those accounts.If caught your panel will be banned.

Sharing M3U url/link is strictly prohibited

When you purchase panel we highly recommend you get your own DNS for xtreme codes it costs 2-10$ depending on your budget..This helps to keep servers safe but still we do not recommend sharing the m3u,We prefer using Hardcoded apps

Advertising Platform

Our service is kinda strict when it comes to advertising, You are not allowed to advertise in Facebook,Instagram or any public social media, We have people around those platforms looking if anyone reselling our service. If you are caught panel will be disabled.


$200 a

Email Us To Get Started
Includes :
  • a 10 - Yearly 1 Connection Subscriptions
  • a 40 - 1Month 1 Connection Subscriptions
  • a Full Personal Dashboard to Manage Users
  • a 24/7 Support

We accept a


We will get back to within 3 working days

You can also write to us at reseller@pandastreams.net

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